Garofola Financial is a Business Consulting firm located in Southwest Michigan. We pride ourselves in the passion of our staff and dedication to the mission of each of our clients. Our process is a proprietary formula that is built from our founder, Nino Garofola, through his personal experiences with successful clients. It’s leveraged on focusing on what makes each business unique.

The History of Garofola Financial

Garofola Financial was founded in 2010 by Nino Garofola upon his passion for economics and business finance. The goal was to create a support for business owners and decision makers by leveraging our expertise of finance and economics with their knowledge of their own industry. With this goal in mind, Garofola Financial focuses on clients that seek a personalized and high level of financial expertise. Since we avoid being the “one size fits all” company you can be assured of our undivided attention on maximizing your profits.

To schedule a consultation please reach out to us at 269.488.2072 or click here.